Together We Can

PT Multi Makmur Indah Industri

is an integrated can-making solution in Indonesia that excels in manufacturing aerosol cans. That also manufactures food cans, insecticides, pesticides, paint, oil, ink, solvent, and glue.

Currently, we are serving our customers with 3 fully equipped facilities and highly skilled personnel. As Indonesia’s preferred can packaging manufacturer, we are committed to delivering excellent services for our customers tailored to their needs.

Learn Together, Grow Together

With our expertise in can-making for over 40 years, we are able to tailor our products to suit your custom needs. And also a new experience within this industry.

Starting from adjusting our capacity to your needs, until post-purchase service. We are willing to cultivate with our customers collectively.

Figure it yourself, by hovering into the “Contact Us” page, if you have any inquiries.