About Us

Mission statement


  • Supporting customer’s business requirements.
  • Steady supply and fast delivery.


  • Providing solutions through active cooperation by resolving customer’s issues.
  • Accessible communication.
  • Credible service experience.


  • Manufactures high quality product supported by high technology machinery.
  • Balanced combination of high skilled personels with the technology to incease productivity and quality.

Why MMII ?


Our capacity is able to meet your needs:

  • Customizable leadtime.
  • On-demand service.


  • Operating at high efficiency, thus minimum waste of raw material.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge technology – automated manufacturing. Making the company as one of the efficient plant in the region.


  • ISO 9001 certified since 1999, and continuously builds on this certification.
  • Progressing food safety certification and numerous quality and safety initiatives within the plant.

Customer-Oriented Service

  • Manufactures at 3 different plants; Tangerang, Bekasi, and Surabaya. Ensuring the distance proximity and cost efficiency for our clients.
  • Dedicated customer service.
  • After sales service.